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Now What?

ep. 107

Jacob Norby, seeker, author and father joins us in the studio to discuss self care, what it means to nurture yourself and asks the question, ‘Now What’?

Jacob Norby


Interview with Jacob @ 00:11:51
Links Discussed in the show:

Iron John by Robert Bly

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What do you mean, I’m not responsible for everyone else’s happiness?

ep. 106

It’s the holiday season and we’re making sure that everyone is happy. The problem is, we’re miserable doing so. What’s the difference between caring for someone’s happiness versus making it our responsibility?

As David Deida has said, “The way a man penetrates the world should be the same way he penetrates his woman: not merely for personal gain or pleasure, but to magnify love, openness, and depth.

Alana Louise May, “Conscious Cock”

There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self. Ernest Hemingway

The Code of Harmonious Manhood Looks & Feels Like This











These act as daily reminders for me in my life, guideposts if you will and every action I take is now based out of these ideals. It becomes a daily meditation on the deeper meaning of being a man and how I make my way through the world.

Ultimately it’s about honoring yourself & all others, and because we might be a bit unpracticed at some of these, we’re going to be creating a discipline around putting these attributes in action. Later we’ll talk about the Three Man Senses that every man must have a truly fulfilling life:

A Sense of Place

A Sense of Purpose AND

A Sense of Passion

Bro – It doesn’t matter whether you wear tight pants, overalls or khakis, if you are determined to be the best version of you, superior to your former self – then ready to discover what YOUR version of Harmonized Manhood is.

Wikipedia says: “The anima and animus can be identified as the totality of the unconscious feminine psychological qualities that a man possesses or the masculine ones possessed by a woman, respectively. It is an archetype of the collective unconscious and not an aggregate of father or mother, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, or teachers, though these aspects of the personal unconscious can influence the person for good or ill.”

Top o the totem pole – The question is how do you do that?

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Who Am I, If I’m Not My Job?

ep. 105

Former CFL player Shea Emry joins us in the studio to talk about the misconceptions, and missteps we men make when we start to believe our own press clippings.Shea Emry

He’s also going to talk about starting The Well Men Organization and how he’s assisting in being the bridge for others to get free of the prisons of our own making.


Two time grey cup champion, 2012 Defensive Player of the Year Runner-Up, 2012 Canadian Player of the Year Runner-Up, and six year Canadian Football League Veteran, All-Star Middle Linebacker Shea Emry is tackling his most momentous challenge yet, bringing awareness to the ways in which men can proactively serve and enhance their quality of life and potential.  His idea is simple: an individual’s personal evolution requires an individual’s personal initiative.

Interview with Shea @ 00:02:08

Links Discussed in the Show

Shea’s TedX Talk
Shea’s Wellmen.org Video


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Being a Good Father; How Hard Can it Be?

ep.Dan G 104

Join us for what is shaping up to be a timely conversation about Fatherhood; the expectations and understanding about what it means to be a Good Father and how a lot of those expectations set us up for failure in the real world.

In the studio is Dan Galperin, a experienced men’s coach and force behind The Man Power Project

More importantly, as a father of 2, he knows what he’s talking about; walking his talk

Dan Galperin is the founder of The Man Power Project:  Fight Club for the Soul.  He’s dedicated to helping men live the most authentic, meaningful and powerful lives possible.  He’s the host of The Man Power Project podcast, “The Dan G. Show.”  There he explores what it takes to live the best life possible with many interesting and diverse guests.

Interview with Dan G @ 00:15:44

Links Discussed in this Episode

Louis CK


Mark Gungor – A Tale of Two Brains

Brandon Hay TedX Talk on Fatherhood

Music by Alan Marchand, Blues for All Occasions;

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