Adam M Lamb

​Adam Lamb Radio is dedicated to men's health and wellness. It's not so much an exploration of the meaning of masculinity but an entertaining and illuminating take on manhood, and the experience of being a man in today's society. What does it mean to 'own all of who you are' or 'living an unconditional life'? What does it mean to be 'fully integrated' and what the fuck does that have to do with getting through the day in one piece?

Host Adam Lamb, The No Sh*t Shaman, brings together men, and women, on the leading edge of personal transformational work to uncover tools, techniques, processes and inspiration for tackling the task of becoming the best version of 'you', you can be. Listen, laugh and learn as Adam asks, "Can a man open his heart without losing his balls?"

Now What?
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Holiday Ho Hum
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